G-Suite – All In One Cloud Computing Solution

Shipra Technologies added Google’s G Suite to its portfolio and has since advised customers on launching or transitioning to productive operation with this cloud computing solution. Entering the world of cloud computing is usually possible without any major complications. But questions still remain, of course. After all, this technology – which in some respects requires […]

15 Google Workspace Features that make your team’s productivity

Google’s Workspace is a set of applications used for communication and collaboration which helps in your business growth. It is the service you can get for your company communication and collaboration on various important tasks and projects. If you are confused about whether Google Workspace is the right decision for you. In this article, we […]

An Ultimate Guide to G Suite Data Protection

G Suite Security: Data Protection Are you a G Suite customer? You can prevent applications from accessing your company or organization’s data. G Suite offers control over system configuration and application settings. You can use it to streamline authentication, asset protection, and operational control. You can choose the G Suite edition that best meets your […]

G Suite Security: Is G Suite Protect your business data?

G Suite is a feature which is on the rise at the moment. It is a one stop solution for every need that rises in front of a business owner. In today’s era G Suite is and will continue to be on rise the reason being that it is easy to use and it gives […]

What is G Suite for Education? | What You Need to Know!

G Suite for Education is the new technology that is being used by many schools in order to give students the experience of school even while sitting at home. Education is an important field that needs to be focused on during all times and given the current circumstances of COVID-19 online sources have proved to […]

Why G Suite Is Better Than Office 365

G Suite is an app that makes every business grow smartly. It also includes a variety of apps and features that come in an easy to use an app like  Hangouts, Calendar, Currents for communication, Drive for storage, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Forms, and Sites for helping your business to find the right solution for […]

What Is Google Cloud Buildpacks And How It Helps Your Business

Google Cloud buildpacks are an easy way to create secure, production-ready container images without a Dockerfile yes you heard it right as a developer building a new application, you want to focus on writing code, not containerizing it and if you already use containers, but we all know that creating a good, secure container image […]

Web designing trends 2020

Web designing means the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It is usually referred to as the end-user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. Web design involves many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of your business websites. There are different areas of web design which […]

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